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CHARLIE EAST is still in development.

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CHARLIE EAST is the story of an emotionally scarred special ops agent; her struggles with the deep rooted racism in small town America, her spiritual journey into the Native American Culture and her violent unraveling.

CHARLIE EAST, 11/18/11
Every so often, a film comes along that changes the game. And once in a great while, a filmmaker comes along that changes the rules.

Every so often, and once in a great while have just happened upon Christina Laughlin, and the film Charlie East.

Born of a Hollywood lineage that is legendary for its independent spirit and social consciousness in equal measure, Laughlin has returned to her family’s roots.

When learning of the desecration of the holiest site to 13 Native American tribes by Arizona law makers, backed by a local porn king who wants to build a ski resort, she was shocked. Laughlin realized how little change had occurred for Native Americans since her parents made a film addressing the challenges in 1969, called Billy Jack. After her shock came frustration. And then, determination. She turned to the tool she knew best. She wrote the story.

Studios soon became interested, but when Laughlin learned of their plans for the story, she turned down several offers to sell. This was not a Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez fantasy action film. This was a real story, with real people and real consequences. It needed to be told right.

She was not going to sell it out. Laughlin was not going to sell out lending her voice to speak out against the injustice these tribes, and many more all over the country are facing every day. And she was not going to sell out on the character, Charlie East. While most women heroes on screen are fun, they aren’t real. And Charlie East was written to give a hero to women that is real. Conflicted, flawed, determined, and bad ass. So, Laughlin again turned to her roots.

Raised on the knee of rebellion, and spoon fed the idea that nothing is impossible, she has turned her back on the “Hollywood” formula, and looks to her own history. Not excepting that having a “big star”, or getting into Sundance is the only way to have your film get made or be a success, Laughlin has decided not only to star in her film, but to market it the same way her parents did forty years ago…which made Billy Jack the highest grossing film of all time in 1973. No big stars, and a story that nobody had wanted to make…but a film that sold fifty million tickets and caused a sensation in the Hollywood system.

Laughlin has chosen to four-wall in the family tradition. Hand picking theaters in the same cities she travelled to as a child with her parents, she will bring Hollywood to Main Street. Television, radio, and print advertising will culminate with a red carpet weekend event…a double feature of the new BluRay version of Billy Jack and the brand new Charlie East. It is Hollywood history in the making, being ushered in by the second generation of the most independent film makers in the business. Not only will this provide concrete returns for investors, but a PR marketing campaign that no other independent film being made today can touch. Bringing not only the stars and filmmakers to these small towns, but putting real dollars in the local mom and pop theaters that struggle to keep the cinema experience alive. Creating a movie that is not only exciting, but inspiring and eye-opening. And doing it all while bucking the system.

As they say, apples don’t fall far from the tree. Laughlin is proving to be a filmmaker with vision, backbone, and ingenuity. A filmmaker who is out to prove that films with meaning are films that profit. The kind of filmmaker who makes history.

Welcome to history, ladies and gentlemen.